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"Cracking New Accounts"


Testimonial Letters

New York Life

January 18, 2008

Terry Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction
140 North Shore Drive
LaGrange, GA 30240

Dear Terry,

I wanted to thank you for your help in making 2007 the best year I've had with New York Life. Your training enabled me to do a better job qualifying my prospects, asking better fact finding questions, concentrating on concepts instead of product and presenting more viable solutions. As a result, I am now dealing with higher networth clients, closing on a higher percentage of my opportunities, a better resource to my clients, and getting more referrals than before.

Your training in August was the key reason why 90% of my 2007 sales happened in the last four months of the year and enabled me to qualify for MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table). Thanks so much. I look forward to talking with you soon and making 2008 a bigger year.

Jeffrey Ballentine

New York Life

October 30, 2007

Just wanted to let you know that I finally picked up the check today on the large applications that I did in July. These were the cases that took a year to put together. Out of all the agents that met with this couple, from other companies, I was the only one that heard what was asked of me and followed the instructions. Underwriting took a lot longer then expected and there were some final hurdles that had to be cleared.

The two days of training with you were instrumental in helping me get thru the bumps and obstacles to close. This is by far and away the biggest day I've had with New York Life and now I look forward to bigger and better days ahead. No time to rest. Thanks so much!!

Talk to you soon.
Jeff Ballentine


Ballentine, Finn & Company, Inc

April 17, 2007

Great job! Thank you so much! The feedback about your session has been very positive.

Roy Ballentine
Ballentine, Finn & Company, Inc.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems

August 22, 2006

Terry Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction
140 North Shore Drive
LaGrange, GA 30240

Dear Terry:

It was almost a year ago that you met with me and my team, and a perfect point in time to assess the value on a daily basis of the lessons learned from your training session. The first question you may ask is have I seen any improvement in their performance, and the answer would be yes! I have seen a dramatic improvement in specific instances in the way the sales team approach new accounts, especially when they are dealing with individuals at an executive level. The material you presented on cracking new accounts, and objection handling was just what the doctor ordered… so to speak. We ran a campaign earlier this year that focused on direct communication at the executive level, and to my pleasant surprise, even the junior members of my sales team did an outstanding job. They were all eager and willing to meet the challenge, face to face!

Thank you again, PS. your book Cracking New Accounts is now a staple in our company…

Gregg Gronowski Vice President SWDRM Sales North America


August 16, 2006

Terry Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction
140 North Shore Drive
LaGrange, GA 30240

Dear Terry

Your sales training class was great! Our sales team benefited greatly from his training. Within just a few days of the completion of the training, our sales team closed a number of deals that had been dragging on for a year or longer. This resulted in an immediate benefit of around $100,000.


Dan Neville


May 22.2006

Terry, thank you for a very invigorating experience the past few days in SLC. I’ve certainly learned some new techniques and reinforced some old tricks of the trade. One of the strengths of your training is that you tailor our experience to our real-world environment versus simply expounding a bunch of cookie-cutter sales-speak. Thank you again and I’m looking forward to applying some new-found approaches and more importantly – closing new business!

David S. Fickes
Sr. Account Manager

Data Systems International
191 Post Road West
West Port, CT 06880

October 11, 2004

Dear Terry:

I wanted to write to you regarding the sales training you conducted six months ago and give you my thoughts on the changes in my sales team as a result of the course. The most obvious result and easiest to measure is that we are ninety percent (90%) ahead of where we were last year at the same time, in essentially the same market conditions.

What are my guys doing differently than before? They are doing a much better job of qualifying the customer, asking the tough questions and either finding out what it will take to win, winning or understanding they can't win and maximizing their time. It's hard to teach old dogs new tricks, but I think you did just that and the results speak for themselves. The other interesting fact behind the numbers is that our total attainment is way up as I said, but the new account component within that number is proportionally way up as well. Thanks Terry, it was worth every penny.

Bob Cate
Vice President Eastern Region

Computech Resources, Inc

May 26, 2004

Terry Booton

Advanced Marketing Institute
140 North Shore Drive
La Grange, GA 30240

Dear Terry,

This letter is to serve as a follow up to the sales you conducted for us in January of this year.

As you know we have been in business for 11 years. Historically we have achieved 15 17% of our full year sales in the first quarter. This year during the first quarter we were able to realize 30% of our full year projection. While I cannot attribute all of our incremental success to your training, I can say a significant portion of our results were directly impacted.

Our sales team felt the strong qualification and financial justification techniques you taught us will continue to pay dividends for many years to come. Thank you for working with our team.

Ed Konopasek
Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing


February 23, 2004

Mr. Terry Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction
140 North Shore Drive
LaGrange, GA 30240

Dear Terry:

Thank you for the time that you spent at CAS/Severn with your three day training course 'Solution Selling'. Your focus on calling at the top, probing for pain points, and selling solutions, versus hardware, are the basics of selling exactly what my team needed. Our senior Account Executives needed a refresher course in the fundamentals and your three day course filled the bill perfectly.

I was also satisfied with the results of the ten day consulting engagement that you participated in at CAS/Severn. This was optional with the Account Executive team and not everyone participated. It was not surprising that some of the top performing Account Executives were the first to sign up. To a person, everyone that participated said that they thought that the training was valuable and well worth their time investment.

Our sales were up dramatically for the year and I have even higher expectations for 2004. Great job!
Best Regards
Douglas Gerstmyer

6201 Chevy Chase Drive Laurel, MD 20707 (301) 776 3400 Fax (301) 776 3444

Bridging the Information Highway™
Jackson, MS
E-Mail Memo

February 14, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

InfoWorks contracted Terry Booton with AMI to conduct a sales seminar in September 2002. Our requirement needs were to evaluate the skills of seven marketing consultants that have the responsibility of marketing IBM iSeries, pSeries, and xSeries Servers and enhance their skills in the following areas:

· Initial Sales Calls – New Accounts
· Selling at the Top
· Determining the Clients Issues
· Convert the initial sales call from marketing hardware to marketing to the issues
· Establish a ROI with the client based on the issues presented
· Increase overall sales
· Increase Services Revenue

Terry obviously was successful in meeting our goals that we set for him. Some of the results achieved during fourth quarter 2002 were as follows:

1) InfoWorks Gross sales for fourth quarter came within $500,000 of equaling Gross Sales for the entire first three quarters of 2002.

2) Services revenue from one project alone at the end of December exceeded services revenue for the entire fourth quarter.

3) Attitudes and work ethic improved significantly and have carried over to first quarter 2003 with our sales for January the highest in the past three years.

I can truthfully say that the Return-On-Investment far exceeded the cost for the consulting services paid to AMI. Terry makes an outstanding presentation and is a very motivational speaker. I would rank him in the top three I have worked with over the past 37 years.

Thanks Terry,

Thomas M. Stovall, President

2003 Premiere Partner

SIS, Inc.
501 Darby Creek Road, Suite #21
Lexington, KY 40509-1668
Software Information
Systems Tel: (859) 263?1979
Fax: (859) 763?2317

The Talent Behind the Technology

February 6th, 2002

Terry Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction
140 N. Shore Drive
LaGrange, GA 30240

Dear Terry,

Thank you for all of your hard work with the SIS Sales & Marketing Team. Your three days of training was of immense help to the entire team. We were concerned about taking the group out of their territories for so long, but the results proved to be very valuable.

I apologize for this letter being somewhat overdue, but I have some great results that know you will appreciate.

After your training session, we implemented a contest where the sales team would go back and evaluate which of their pending deals they might be able to close if they applied your methods. Of 28 accounts that were submitted as possibilities, the team was able to close 9 deals that resulted in over 4 million dollars worth of business to the company.

We have been preaching "Solution Selling" for some time, but your class really helped the reps focus on the proper methods. We are certainly believers in the "Booton Approach"!

Again, we appreciate your time and hard work. You helped us to have an excellent year in 2001, and (we hope) an even better one in 2002.

Ed Cupolo
Vice President - Sales & marketing SIS, Inc.


January 26, 2000

Mr. Terry Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction
140 North Shore Drive
LaGrange, GA 30240

Dear Terry,

Just writing to thank you for delivering two great training sessions for the ICE Worldwide Sales Meeting on, January 14, 2000. Both of the sessions, Objection Handling and Executive Selling, were very beneficial in helping all our sales people, junior & senior, "brush up" on the basics, They also learned a few new techniques and approaches that will certainly, help them in our market space.

We're looking forward to having you come back to ICE and pursuing some of the additional ideas we discussed regarding sales force automation, employee profiling, and further sales training modules.

It is very gratifying to work with someone who is professional, experienced, and successful. Clearly, you have been able to translate your many sales successes into training programs that have "real world value and applicability to our sales team.

Keep up the great work and continued success!


Rich Walters
Senior Director of Worldwide Sales


November 4, 1999

Terry Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction
140 North Shore Drive
LaGrange, Georgia 30240

Dear Terry:


I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the outstanding work that you did in our “Cracking New Accounts” and “Calling at the Top” sales briefing. You exceeded our expectations for the class with your extensive sales experience and sensitivity to the requirements of my salespeople. Every review form that came back had ranked you as a “5” (best measure) in the categories of delivery, content and relevance to their job.
In fact, many of the comments suggested that they wanted to spend more time with you than we had allowed. Maybe we can work out a better deal next time? It is certainly a pleasure working with you Terry. Keep up the good work!

Leonard J. "Jodie" Cox
Regional Director
Amdahl Global Services
Atlanta, Georgia

Video Central
April 20, 1999

Advanced Marketing Instruction
Terry L Booton
140 North Shore Drive
LaGrange, GA 30240

Dear Terry:

I participated in the sales training you held on April 6 & 7 at Silicon Graphics in Orlando,
Florida - I just wanted to let you know how helpful and informative the seminar was for me and
to relate a quick story to you that happened as a direct result of your instruction.

Your class has changed my perspective on nearly everything in life. I'm now managing everything from my personal relationships to my professional relationships better thanks to you.

A couple weeks ago, my sales manager received a lead, from a major software company for a relatively inexpensive software package. My manager was about to throw the lead out since the value of the software package was only about $3500, but I told him I would follow up on it. By using your questioning techniques, I found out that the prospect actually wanted 12 copies of the software. Well then I began questioning the prospect about whether or not they had enough hardware to run the software. After sorting through the smoke screen, I found out they were actually budgeted for $300,000 in hardware purchases, and were currently evaluating hardware platforms. I analyzed their needs and immediately met with the president of the company. I presented him with a solution that would address all of their needs under budget and asked for the order. The sale will close on May 1, less than a month after the training!

Without your sales training, this prospect may never have surfaced, and the order probably wouldn't close. The improvement in my sales style is evident to nearly everyone, most importantly, my clients. I will definitely be looking to work with you in the future, because I know your training will more than pay for itself.

Best regards,

Jade Apisukh
Account Executive


Monday, March 10, 1997

Mr. Terry L. Booton
President Advanced Marketing Instruction
3122 Enfield Point
Marietta, GA 30068

Dear Terry

On behalf of the entire LPG team, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your presentation at our Sales Meeting in Copper Mountain. Not only was it extremely informative, but you also captured everyone's interest and peaked their motivation, two very direct benefits for our sales force and our company.

Many of our Account Executives commented to us that your discussions and booklets were of utmost assistance to their sales presentations. Similarly, Thierry Philippe, Ranie Giltner and myself were all very impressed and pleased with your participation in this meeting. Thank you again for an outstanding presentation.
Kind regards,

Michel VanWelden
Vice President


3101 North Federal Highway e Suite 301 9 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306 (800) 222-3911 9 (954) 568-5005 s Fax (954) 568 -6611

Institute for Small Business
1750 Powder Springs Road,
Suite 190-247
Marietta, Georgia 30064
(770) 434-0078
Fax (770) 434-0830 kunkel@akorn.net
March 31, 1997

Mr. Terry L. Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction 3122 Enfield Point
Marietta, GA 30068

Dear Terry:

I wanted to thank you most sincerely for your inspiring and energizing presentation last week at the Institute for Small Business breakfast seminar. I have received several messages from attendees who found the program informative and thought-provoking. The fire drill was an especially clever tactic for you to ensure the audience would not soon forget your message. Do you arrange for one at all your programs?

Most of all, it was a pleasure to meet you and work with you, if only for a short time. I do hope our paths cross again soon. Perhaps you'll attend another of our seminars as a guest. Good Selling!


Wendy R. Kunkel Director

SPONSORS OF THE ISB: Arnall Golden & Gregory, LLP - Georgia State University - Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, P.C. NationsBank - Northwestern Mutual Life-The Goodwin Agency

900 NW 7th Street Road
Miami, FL 33136
(305) 325-9926 -- FAX (305) 325-0880
April 24, 1995

Terry L. Booton
c/o Advanced Marketing Instruction 3122 Enfield Point
Marietta, GA 30068

Dear Terry:

As an independent consultant working with a small customer base, it is too easy for one of them to dry up and put me in bankruptcy court. I needed some good, easy tips on the practical matter of "keeping the pipeline full".

Since receiving your Cracking New Accounts book and tapes last week, I have devoured them -- listening to the tapes twice, following along in the book and marking page references.

This morning, I used the material successfully. Sure, maybe I would have succeeded anyway, but I consciously used your material and believe that it helped. The customer is one with whom I have had a long relationship, and the custom software system that I sold was already "in the bag". However, the start-up has been delayed for months, primarily because they have been too busy with their success to deal with it. But I need the work now! I had already written them, warning of the dire consequences of continuing too long with the temporary system that we had thrown together months ago. Today, I used the Negative Close (my prospect clearly fits the profile you describe). I dropped in and asked him if things are not going well. His ego could not allow me to think that might be the case. The signed contract is here on my desk along with my 50% retainer, and I can pay my bills next month!

John Kramel

Culpepper and Associates


July 21, 1995

Mr. Terry L. Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction 3122 Enfield Point
Marietta, GA 30068

Dear Terry,

Thank you for being part of this year's Culpepper Forum! This was our most successful conference ever, by far. And this success is due in large part to the high quality of our speakers.

I really appreciate the extra effort you put into your presentations - they were certainly highlights of the Forum. I know our audience loved it! They'll have a hard time forgetting "Rootin' Tootin"'!

Thanks again for helping us make The Culpepper Forum a great success. We hope to see you again at next year's event, July 9-11, 1996, here in Atlanta!

Culpepper and Associates, Inc

Tim Sullivan
Vice President

7000 PEACHTREE DUNWOODY ROAD, BUILDING 10, ATLANTA, GA 30328 / FAX 404-668-1095 TELEPHONE 404-668-0616

Daly & Wolcott

March 15,1995

Mr. Terry Booton
3122 Enfield Point
Marietta, GA 30068

Dear Terry:

I personally want to thank you for participating in our National Distributor Meeting. Your " Calling At the Top" and "Objection Handling " sessions were the hit of the meeting. Our sales staff, and distributors are still talking about, and implementing your ideas with great success.

With a fast growing direct sales force and a national distribution channel it was extremely valuable to have everyone together for a dedicated sales training session. I'm convinced the intense excitement you generated will continue to result in additional sales, and a more prepared sales team. I certainly hope we'll have the pleasure of working with you again next year.

Ernie Yenke
Vice President, Sales

21st Floor - One Hospital Trust Plaza - Providence, RI 02903
Telephone 401-351-8400 Facsimile 401-351-8484

Dickens Data Services

February 15, 1995

Dear Terry:

I enjoyed the training session you conducted for our sales team. You are an excellent speaker and the consummate salesman/salesman.

I read your book and will highly recommend Cracking New Accounts to anyone managing a direct sales force. The techniques in the book are well thought out and reflect real world situations.

I especially enjoyed the chapter on generating leads and will always look to it as a primary reference source.
This book will make us money!


Thomas E. Davis
Dickens Data Systems, Inc

175 Northmeadow Parkway m Suite 150 - Roswell, GA 30076
(404) 475-8860 - FAX (404) 442-7525

Info Systems of North Carolina
7500 East Independence Blvd. Chatiotte, NC 28227 7041567-7780
FAX 704-1567-8342

September 21, 1994

Mr. Terry L. Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction 3122 Enfield Point
Marietta, GA 30068

Dear Terry:

Thank you for the class on handling objectives. The survey data is enclosed. I've already begun recommending you to other firms.

Once again, "thanks'.

James. A. Moncure II Chief Executive Officer
/wrh Enclosure

4 2 5 Privet Road
Horsham, PA 19044-0965 215-675-9300
FAX: 215-672-5945
March 2, 1994

Mr. Terry Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction P.O. Box 725035
Atlanta, GA 30339

Dear Mr. Booton

Your two presentations were universally viewed as the highlight of our recent sales training seminar. The experience of our field sales force spans the spectrum from only a few years selling experience to long time pros. However, all believed that they learned valuable insights from your talks which will enable them to be immediately more effective and productive in their daily sales activities.

The Robec sales team really liked your book, and as your know, our president believed that it would be such a useful tool for our VARs, that he has decided Robec will list it in our next catalog. It was a pleasure having you at out session, and I look forward to using your services again in the future.


Charles A. Jarrow Vice President of Marketing

International Business Machines Corporation
P.O. Box 2150
Atlanta, GA 30301-2150
October 18, 1994

Mr. Terry L. Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction
3122 Enfield Point
Marietta, GA 30068

Dear Terry:

Thanks for the great job in sales training for our telesales representatives. The response has been outstanding with over 95% of the evaluations graded excellent. The material in your sessions on relationship selling, cracking new accounts, and objection handling could not have been better suited for what we do every day. In addition, your unique insight from having sold IBM equipment was a definite plus.

Thanks again ... let me know when you're available to blow the tuba.


Rob McGrew
New Business Sales Manager

Houston Cellular
Clearly The Best7

December 19, 1994

Mr. Terry Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction
3122 Enfield Point
Marietta, GA 30068

Dear Terry:

I just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know how much everyone here at Houston Cellular appreciated our 2 days of training that you facilitated. During the 2 days you were here in Houston, you trained over 35 agent sales reps and 70 Houston Cellular direct sales reps. Your discussions of how to close more business with less effort, techniques and responses to overcome difficult objections, closing techniques, and the role playing were all very effective.

The evaluations that we reviewed from each sales rep that went through your training were consistently in the 'Very good" to "excellent' rating category. As a matter of fact, / just received a call yesterday from one of our agent reps who was very excited because she had taken your book home "Cracking New Accounts", and had read it over the course of the 2 nights following your training. The closing techniques that you had mentioned in your book, she put directly to use and closed a sale yesterday that she was convinced would have walked out the door just one week earlier. / am confident that this was a great use of Houston Cellular's money and we hope to continue this 4ope of training at our company to continue to make us "Clearly the Best". Thank you again Terry for your efforts and we hope to see you in Houston again soon.


Matt R. Karst
Director or Sales-Indirect MRK/nd

One West Loop South Suite 300 Houston, Texas 77027
713 / 850-9933

Creating Multimedia Training Solutions
July 23, 1993

Mr. Terry Booton, President
Advanced Marketing Instruction
3122 Enfield Point
Marietta, GA 30068

Dear Terry:

Tliank you for the thought provoking and stimulating seminar you presented to our sales team on July 9, 1993 on "Relationship Selling". You have left us with many areas to explore in how we deal with our prospects and with our customers. The tracking mechanism you left with us should help us not only to improve our relationships, but also to track our performance against revenue potential.

The feedback from our sales team regarding your book, "Cracking New Accounts", has been extremely positive. There have already been marketing situations turned around as a result of the ideas you suggest in your book.
We look forward to using you in future meetings to present additional topics that will help us enhance our selling skills.


Walt Hopkins
Vice President

Comsell, Inc. - One Buckhead Plaza - Suite 1500 - 3060 Peachtree Road, NW - Atlanta, GA 30305 - (404) 262-3500

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January 14, 1993

Mr. Terry Booton
International Business Machines Corp.
P.O. Box 2150
4111 Northside Pkwy. L07 S 1
Atlanta, GA 30058

Dear Mr. Booton:

It was a real pleasure having you visit with Viewlogic's Eastern Area Sales Team and share techniques of how to "Call at the "Top". Your presentation was extremely useful and well received. The aversion to call on Senior Executives is common. Your message hit home and gave our salespeople hope that they can do better.

I intend to follow up with our team to ensure the techniques are implemented in first quarter. I will let you know how it goes.
I hope you made the "Doral" the next day, and that your book sell like crazy.

Thank you again.

Maurice Hiers

Viewlogic Systems, Inc.
293 Boston Post Road West Marlboro, MA 01752
TLX: 174242 FAX: 508-480-0882

A t I a n t a
N e t w o r k

Networking - Information - Trade
1100 Circle 75 Pkwy., Suite 140 Atlanta, GA 30339 (404) 953-4000
February 6, 1991

Terry Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction 3122 Enfield Point
Marietta, Ga. 30068

Dear Terry,

Thank you for your valuable participation in the conference program at the Atlanta Small Business Showcase & Conference Feb. 2 at Inforum.

As in the November Showcase, your presentation on "Relationship Selling" was very well received - we had very positive feedback from the attendees as they left your seminar.

I know that your seminar was informative and inspiring to these Atlanta Business Owners and Entrepreneurs striving to build their businesses during these tough times, and I thank you again for your time, effort and quality presentation.

Best Regards,
Steve Rosenberg
Director of Communications Atlanta Entrepreneurs Network

Northwest Trading Area
May 9, 1991

SUBJECT: Marketing Excellence Class


Terry Booton did an outstanding job of teaching his Marketing Excellence class to our Western Washington New Business and Account Growth reps, SEs and Business Partners on April 24. Everyone in attendance thought the class was excellent and well worth their time. It was a great benefit to have Business Partners and IBMers in the same class. Our Business Partners consistently gave Terry rave reviews.

Terry did a great job of stressing the fundamentals of preparation, listening, relationship building, and financial justification. His personal style, humor, and "war stories" all combine to make a compelling presentation. The video tape he shot last year of top performers sharing their tips and techniques.gave the folks some new ideas, and some reminders of how winners think. The fifty people in the class left after eight and a half hours charged up and with renewed commitment to do the right job in New Account marketing.
Thanks again for sending Terry out to us. I'll let you know when we have some wins directly attributable to his class.


L. D. Roberts General Manager
LDR: j 1

You can count on us to make plan!

1200 Fifth Avenue, 20th Floor Seattle, WA 98101 206-587-5916 or 8-277-5916 SFOVMICl/LROBERTS

IBM Corporation
Boston Metro/NB3
April 16, 1992

Memorandum to: Tom Brodnax
Subject: Terry Booton

You're probably sick of hearing, but I would like to point out what a super job Terry Bouton is doing in motivating and educating New Business Reps and Agents. When he spoke to our New England Trading Area New Business Rally last November, the feedback from the Reps was outstanding.

"He got me thinking." "He gave me ideas that I can use now." It was not a coincidence that our trading area was 300% NAUs in December. With this high level of satisfaction, we were excited to get IN BANK in February for our 1992 New Biz Rally and gave him 50% of the total rally time to teach.

It was time well spent. Our new Agents were really excited with his approaches and of course everyone who came in November returned. Every time you hear Terry, you get new ideas to close. Based on the 80 people who attended, well done.

George W. Ryan
Unit Manager

Atlanta Chapter
561 Thornton Road
Suite S
Lithia Springs, GA 30057 (404) 944-0401
February 5, 1990

Mr. Terry L. Booton
Advanced Marketing Instruction
3122 Enfield Point
Marietta, Georgia 30068

Dear Terry

On behalf of the Atlanta Chapter of SMPS, I would like to express our appreciation to you for being the Guest Speaker at our January Luncheon Meeting.

The topic, "Relationship Selling: Developing and Maintaining Clients," was very well received by the Membership. You successfully applied your selling techniques to marketing professional services.

Your presentation was enthusiastic, entertaining and enlightening! SMPS looks forward to the possibility of having you as a Speaker at future Meetings and Seminars.

Best regards

Joycelyn Hairston
Director of Programs

IBM Corporation

This guy was really fired up by Booton's Friday closeout - Terry, keep up the good work for us, the New Biz reps need you on Friday mornings.

A note from a satisfied customer that you should all take pride in. "DEDICATED TO EXCELLENCE IN INDUSTRY EDUCATION"

Message from: KEVIN SILFVAST
HOUSTON TX T/L 345-2240

Subject: Industry Education'

Joe, I would like to inform you and your staff that the industry ed classes that you put on for us where invaluable. The information on each industry was crisp and concise. It was at the right level of detail. There was a willingness of the staff presenters to give us any information we needed to become successful in our territories.

The fact is is that I was trained for the large systems environment and was then put in a new account territory my first year. And although I am an installed account rep this and last year, the selling process is quite similar. Even as a third year rep it is so easy to lose sight of the fundamentals required to execute an effective sales call.

With the addition of Terry Booten to the class it really opened my eyes to some areas for improvement potential. I can honestly say that this class, along with Terry, has made me a more effective rep. Because of this class I came back and sold 3 as/400's that where just not going to move. I know this sounds a little dramatic, but my selling ability has not only improved, but it has just begun. I made the club last year and never plan on missing one in the future.

"Satisfied Customer"

Kevin Silfvast

IBM Corporation
From: Sylvia Harnesberger, Small Business Field Support
L08B, Atlanta, Georgia
(404) 238-3102 T/L 331-3102

Date and time
09/24/90 10:47:54

Subject: Business Partner Sales Conference:

Terry Booton's contribution

Sylvia, I wish you'd been able to join us for our 3 day conference in Park City. It was very well attended, and the feedback appears to be excellent in all respects.

I'm writing because, every once in a while, you see an exceptional presentor in action and you're glad he's on our side!! Terry Booton is such a presentor (Street Savvy Selling), which he shared with us at the Conference. If you are familiar with his work, it comes as no surprise to hear that he was a great success with the business partners. Terry's style is well suited to presentation mode -- and I hope he will be available in the program in the future. IBM benefits from the impression he makes with his audience.

Best regards, Robin

Q Quest Systems, Inc.
4701 Sangamore Road
Bethesda, MD 20816
Tel (301) 229?4200
Fax (301) 229?0965
response @ wadc.q uestsyst.corr
Offices in major cities
June 5, 2001

Mr. Terry Booton, President
Advanced Marketing Instruction
140 North Shore Drive
Lagrange, GA 30240

Dear Terry,

This is a follow up to the training session you provided to us this past April 21. The techniques you provided us that day have born fruit!

I have personally opened two new, serious accounts using your approach In both cases, moved easily past voice mail and other hindrances, got to my target person and set appointments which have resulted in the two new accounts.

I thought I knew a lot about setting appointments on the phone after 35 years in this business, but you know more.

Thank you for your input and my best wishes for your continued success.

All the best,

Dave Samuelson

Computer/Communications Industry Placement Specialists since 1968


Advanced Marketing Instruction · 140 North Shore Drive · LaGrange, Georgia 30240 · 706.812.8822
Email: terrybooton@mindspring.com
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